Wedding Photography Workshop

On the 9th February I was lucky enough to win a place on a wedding photography workshop hosted by Olympus.

Whilst, the opportunity to explore the workshop in a solely artistic way wasn’t the objective. It allowed me to hone my technical skills, shooting under pressure and with many other photographers present. It wasn’t a time to be shy or receding. I needed to be confident, sharp eyed and imaginative with angles.

It also gave me the opportunity to step away from my usual Nikon systems and work with something different. The Olympus camera was a mirrorless four thirds model and quite different to my usual option. I had to learn the system quickly in order to make the most of the day.

Technically, I felt I gained a lot from the day. I was able to shoot more freely than I would be able to within the settings of an actual wedding and was free from the ‘real’ pressure that come with this.

Artisically, I am always keen to shoot the ‘human condition’ and include people in my work whether in a real, candid form or staged. Exploring the human form and the emotion that changes even with the slightest change in body language or facial expression is something that interests me a lot in my own photography.

There was also times at the end for critiques of my work and the points I felt needed improvement matched that of the professional photographer who lead the workshop. Thankfully, there were also only a couple of minor points and overall I was very happy with my work.

The photographs have allowed me to start building on my body of work for commercial use and begin to build my portfolio and whilst this isn’t strcitly degree related, having the opportunity to shoot in a variety of situations are certainly never a bad thing, if nothing more than to add to my technical skill set and build my confidence in my own abilities.


Here are some examples of photographs I shot on the day: