Visit – National Portrait Gallery, Martin Parr “Only Human” exhibition

I was fortunate enough to visit the National Portrait Gallery for my birthday and viewed Martin Parr’s “Only Human” exhibition.

I am intrigued that he has spent the majority of his photographic career with one main subject in mind – what makes Britain, Britain and has explored the very nature of what is means to be “British” over decades, without this subject ever getting tired or boring. Whilst the subject of Britain could be considered quite broad, it is also quite specific and I think having an idea like this in mind would allow you to focus without being too constrained.

His images on display were interesting, colourful and seemed to capture the essence of the people he was photographing. There was a lot of subtle detail in their expressions and the scene around them, which allowed me to linger on several and really study and appreciate them.

I also enjoyed the fact, that when taking portraits, he uses very ordinary surroundings as his “studio”. Utilising what is already present to add a depth to his work without the need for studios or big scene set ups.

Martin Parr
Martin Parr