Tutor Report 1 and Reflection

Tutor Report


Assignment One

I can appreciate what my tutor said about moving away from the initial brief. I did think about this as I was deciding what to do for my first assignment and I think using different images may have even been a more simple way of my message being communicated. Perhaps, I could have used a more obvious narrative within the series, photographs which drew on the emotiveness of the viewer straight away, from an obvious and straightforward angle. This is something often done in documentary photography and allows the photographs to almost speak for themselves. But I wanted to tell a story and leave the photographs ambiguous and open to manipulation from the context. I also wanted to highlight how the same image can be used in many different ways, depending on the motive and position of the person telling the story. This is why I decided to settle with the same sets of images and alter them with the text only, to highlight this point which is so often debated within documentary work.

Looking at the image-text graphic was something I did within local newspapers and online. I have to admit that this probably isn’t something I am very experienced with and I am sure that journalism has it’s own rules and tricks to make this work. But I did notice that with most of them, the text lies outside of the image, usually placed around the image either as a caption underneath or the whole story surrounding it. I really felt that I wanted to challenge that and do something a little different but perhaps I could use a framework surrounding the two instead? My tutor pointed out that the text blocks needed some more experimentation and I agree with this, so I will go back and work on this within the images and will show my end result here

I can understand the inconsistency pointed out by my tutor alluding to the differences in the language being used, this was done for the purpose of building the entire story surrounding a death, this is why I chose to give the dates. This leads the viewer on a longer path, one which is built over time and on different days, the way a newspaper would follow an ongoing story. I did attempt to maintain the undertone of how I highlighted the language for each story, to make the subjectivity of the story teller more obvious.


Project 5 has been amended to include the individual pictures here

I will go back and try to improve my referencing, I have watched the video mentioned by my tutor and will try to emulate the Harvard referencing appropriately.

With regards to analytical writing when carrying out research, I can agree that I need to work on writing more analytically in the future, I will keep this in mind and attempt this with further research points in the course. I will also take note of the referencing my tutor has provided and read the recommendations highlighted. I can agree that I need to back up my opinions through deeper research and study of others in the field, this is something I will be mindful of in the future and work towards achieving in this course.

Learning Log

I will attempt to find a way of redoing the column widths to make it easier for my work to be read. *(now updated)