Overall Evaluation

Exploring myself through photography has been a natural occurrence throughout the course and I feel I am beginning to become more able to place myself amongst other photographers. However, I feel I can explore this so much further and look forward to doing so in the subsequent courses and beyond. Photography is an ever-evolving journey in my eyes. 

Interestingly, I have discovered my passion for certain subjects in photography. One being reflections, another self-portraits and also for experimenting with different techniques and lighting. 

Encouraged by my tutor, I have found myself beginning to appreciate colour a lot more. I still do have a love for black and white photography, but I feel I now have a better understanding of colour and can see the many ways in which it can be used, to add depth, context and more contrast among other things. This followed after my tutorials for assignment 1 and 2 in which we discussed the reasons why I chose black and white, I realised that my reasons needed to be completely clear which gave me the opportunity to explore this further, which in turn, I believe, made me explore and then appreciate colour so much more. 

I believe my technical skills have also improved and I enjoy experimenting with different techniques and ideas, I feel I am quite confident when finding my way around a camera and using various techniques, such as slow shutter speed, to develop more creative techniques and add depth to my work and expression. I feel sure that this will only improve further as I continue my studies. 

I have enjoyed exploring other photographers’ work and I have found myself appreciating various artists in an ever increasing amount as a viewer, as time has passed. For example, visiting Martin Parr’s exhibition in London allowed me to appreciate his work with so much more detail. Previous to this, I was more inclined to appreciate his older work such as Bad Weather and felt his colour work was crass and not enjoyable to me at first view. However, I now see his vision and I really enjoy his work. I believe this change comes from the process of gaining more experience myself, as a photographer, developing a critical eye and have patience to explore an artist’s work instead of basing everything on first view. This has often lead me to revisiting various artists and their work many times.

Lastly, the belief in my own work and being confident of my message and subject has most certainly improved. I am more confident when standing by my work, knowing what it is that I am trying to portray and selecting the correct images for a series. At the start I felt that I was treading water a little bit, I felt out of my depth and unsure of myself and if I was even “good enough” to take this course. I am happy to say that, although I am still a perfectionist, will always be my own biggest critic and have moments of insecurity, I am much more secure with myself as a photographer. I have proven (to myself at least) that I am competent and capable behind a camera and I am sure that this will grow further as I progress through the next levels. I want to improve my thought process more and be able to discuss and describe my reasons clearly and strongly, which I believe will come in time as I expand and explore the work of myself and others more. 

I have chosen to include 2 selects from Assignment 1 and Assignment 2 and Assignment 4. I felt these in particular were strong images and represented the subject well, even as stand alone images.

Assignment 3 was my most difficult assignment and took me the longest to complete. I even questioned why I was on this journey and if I had what it takes. In the end I was pleased with my results and felt proud I had come out the other side with an improved sense of motivation and confidence. 

Assignment 5 was my favourite and I felt it was my strongest because the reasons behind my images had been well thought out and considered. It was also a personal representation of me at the time and my emotions, I explored myself completely with this assignment.